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Design meets sustainability

In 2015, the company Oli & Carol was born in Barcelona. The creative minds behind this innovative brand are the two sisters Olimpia and Carolina. With your brand you connect sustainability with modern cheeky design. In their collections are teething rings, bathing properties and decorative objects, which were made 100% of natural rubber of Hevea trees. Thus, their products are completely environmentally friendly and harmless to the small end consumers. The products are not only characterized by their material. Because the teething rings etc also fall out of their extraordinary design in different shapes and colors. Whether fruits and vegetables, animals, geometric shapes, origami boats or beetle cars. All this can be found in the colorful product range of Oli & Carol. In addition, all products are handmade and painted with food colored or colored. Complete PVC, BPA, phthalate and nitrosamine-free offer the highest standard of hygiene and harmless products for babies.