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Tipp-Kick is a real classic game for all soccer enthusiasts. The table football game has been around for one hundred years. In the 1920s, soccer gradually developed into a mass social phenomenon in Germany as well. Until then, gymnastics was still considered a means of physical exercise. In 1921, Tipp-Kick was patented by its inventor, a Stuttgart furniture manufacturer. In 1924, the export merchant Edwin Mieg from Schwenningen in the Black Forest acquired the license and developed the table soccer game into a real bestseller by 1938. Tipp-Kick was a sales hit and has remained so to this day. After the war, the two sons of the company founder took over the company. Tipp-Kick experienced a real boom in 1954, when the German national soccer team became world champions.

At games manufacturer Mieg, which describes itself as Germany's smallest toy company, almost everything revolves around Tipp-Kick. But the game is more than just a toy. It is both the trigger and the result of a soccer craze that spread through German living rooms at the beginning of the 20th century. It is art and pleasure in one. Each play figure is unique, assembled and painted by hand. The game figures are available in different national jerseys and in the jerseys of the various soccer clubs of the Bundesliga. The Tipp-Kick game figures are suitable for collecting and for giving away. Especially their artistic reduction looks very stylish.

In 2011, the first female playing figure was produced for the Women's World Cup in Germany. Since then, girls have been able to identify with the Tipp-Kick field players and confidently play soccer against boys. Mixed teams are no problem with Tipp-Kick. That is why it is suitable not only for boys, but also for girls as a cool and very contemporary gift with style.

Originally, the figures were made of tin. Today they are made of zinc and a little heavier, so the ball can be kicked more controlled. Tipp-Kick is played with two people. There is a playing field, two goalkeepers, two goals, two field players and a twelve-sided, two-colored ball. By tapping the button, the player kicks the ball. The game pieces can move their right leg. They are all equipped with a mechanism that triggers a kicking motion of the leg by pressing the button on the head of the figure. The goalkeeper can dart left or right at the touch of a button. So nothing stands in the way of an exciting and entertaining game of soccer.

The classic game should not be missing in any child's room. Tipp-Kick is suitable for children from the age of six and is a wonderful game that brings the little ones together with the big ones. There is a rule booklet supplied by the game manufacturer. But there is hardly anyone who does not know the fundamental rules of soccer. First and foremost, the goal is to kick the ball into the goal. In the process, the game pieces are allowed to change their position.