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The best gifts for every occasion

If you look at Bepippa & Fritzsum, you will find beautiful things to give away, useful and practical, beautiful and funny. But above all, you do not find any 08/15 things. Our assortment is hand-picked and lovingly put together. Our products combine beauty and functionality. Freedom of pollution, health, safety, sustainability and environmental friendliness are selection criteria for us. We attach utmost importance to quality.

There are many occasions to give something to something. Easter, Christmas and the Advent time, to which every child is pleased with a great little known advent calendar, of course, are the classics among the "gifts days". But there are also special "gifts days" in the life of a family, such as a baptism, the denomination and of course every single children's birthday.

Unique gifts for happy children

If you are looking for something for the school bag, you will find art billets of Petit Collage, eraser astronauts and robot pen of Moses Verlag, but also water bottles of dopper or blafre and bread cans with fantastic motifs from Lutz Mauder Verlag. We have something of everything, and only the finest. Let yourself be inspired, for example from the graphically beautiful designed memorabilia of Stars. A gift about which every girl is happy.

Actually, it does not need a concrete occasion to give the little one great pleasure. But the children's birthdays offer of course. You will find extraordinary cuddly animals of Jellycat, wooden toys in top quality of Plantoys, Kids Concept or Wood Tiger. We have great purses and abdominal bags of carcot and very cool backpacks of Petit Monkey, with whom every child likes to march in kindergarten. In the dolls Buggy from Bayer Chic 2000, the cute dolls of Sebra or Fabelab can be strolled.

High quality gifts do not have to be expensive

Accessories that you give away can be very small and inexpensive. Pippa & Fritz guarantee top quality for each product in the assortment. We have Tollehaarpangen and hair rubbers from Rockahula Kidsim assortment and colorful umbrellas or small and large balls of Petit Jour.