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Order has a name - Ay Kasa

Parents know the problem, children just let everything stand and lie, if they do not feel like playing, tired or their interest is greatly directed to something else. This is now in the nature of the matter. Children are not little adults. It does not bother you if building blocks and wooden blocks are lying around between the cuddly animals and the Playmobil. But Pippa & Fritz have a very wonderful solution to reduce the confusion in the children's room in the future: the Faltkists of Ay Kasa.

Ay Kasa is a Turkish label that has been busy for years to develop the coolest, most beautiful, colorful, lightest and most practical folds of all time. The Ay Kasa Faltkists are available in Sage and write 42 shades, many of which can be found in our assortment. The boxes are practical organizers in which the children can put their toys into.

There are the boxes not only in different colors, but also in three different sizes. For the little ones the mini-boxes are best suited. They summarize four liters and for a toddler that is already a lot. Your little one can throw the lego or his playmobil in a folding box or carefully put his dolls and cuddly toys in. A mini-box can then be changed like a basket of the little ones at will or be worn to play in the garden.

The Faltkists of the Turkish brand Ay Kasa are also suitable for storing the books you need in the evening for reading. You can use them stylishly as a shelf, to which you can set a night light - a wonderful sleep aid.

Practical folds from Turkey

The decoration in the nursery and especially in the baby room should be held in subtle colors. We love the unusually beautiful shades of Ay Kasa, for example Mint, Milk Tea, Coconut Milk or Banana. The adult world is exhausting enough. The little ones need a retreat, which protects them from other stimulus flooding and yet stimulates their imagination and animates them to play.

Children love colors and they love to know their treasures in a safe place. The small mini folds of Ay Kasa can be put into the large boxes and pushed under bed. When cleaning up their toys in the different colored boxes, the small order to keep order. At the same time, however, they also learn to estimate the value of things, with a sorting and storing their toy geared to their inner priority list.

Rectangular, practical, colorful - the folds of Ay Kasa

"Made in Turkey" sounds a bit unusual in Germany because we know only a few Turkish designer products here. But Pippa & Fritz swears on quality. That's why we recorded the small foldable boxes of Ay Kasa in our assortment. Nobody can praise the organizers. These are Eyecatcher, who manages to enhance every living room and the decor in each room skillfully.

We from Pippa & Fritz love these together folding and stackable boxes. They are also wonderful for storing our adult stuff. They are environmentally friendly because they are made of 100 percent recycled plastic. The material is food safe and dishwasher safe. That's why fruit and vegetables can be stored in the fold boxes. Especially in a small kitchen, the Faltkists of Ay Kasa are ideal as a storage options. Their timeless design and the great color selection make the boxes also in a kitchen to real eye-catchers.