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Beautiful bread cans for more break fun

You are looking for something else that makes your child the day of the cooking garden or in elementary school something tastier? You'll find a wide selection of beautiful bread cans. Bepippa & Fritz. They are inexpensive, but high quality. The stainless steel bread boxes of NyUMMII Yummiis are ideally suited to keep the healthy food salvation until the pause in the backpack or satchel. These snack boxes are unbreakable and keep breakfast and the small fruit long fresh.
Lunchboxes are better for the environment, because they are permanent. Instead of packing the break bread and the fruit in buttered bread paper or aluminum foil, you put it in one of our bread cans. The doses are sustainable and environmentally friendly, because they save a plethora of packaging material in continuous use.

Bread cans for every taste

We from Pippa & Fritz are enthusiastic about the bread boxes of densioners. The bread boxes are perfect for being transported in a small childrens backpack. Even a small elementary school student must be well equipped for school break as well as for the upcoming school trip. This is not a problem with the right lunch boxes. You can find them in different sizes. They are all without BPA, made of food safe silicone or stainless steel.
The food tastes twice as good in the breakfast break, if you lovingly packed it in a bread box with a fire truck, an airplane or a rocket. Small boys even tastes the healthiest food when they get included in a dinosaur tin. Little girls are looking forward to snack boxes with animal motifs, such as a panda or horses. For the little ones we have colorful bread cans in the form of small bears or rabbits from the Australian Marche Might Be Tinyim assortment.