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Everyday life gets colorful

Donkey Products is a German label based in Hamburg. The company was founded in 2008 by Florian Berger. The creativity was already placed in the cradle, because Florian comes from a gift map family. Donkey Products stands for unbridled creativity and spraying fantasy. Everyday objects from the children's harness to the first pencil for elementary school are completely red thought and redesigned with funny ideas, such as the children's spoon crank. A wonderful appreciation of a simple commodity: The spoon is attached to a small wooden aircraft. The little ones are excited when food comes out and becomes adventure.

Stubborn like a donkey make Donkey Products her thing

The Donkey team are young product designers and ideas developers who explore the everyday. They are looking for everything that can be improved. The Hamburger Donkeys develop toys for children with great love for the detail and always from the point of view of the little ones. For example, small boats that are powered by a self-inflated air balloon and flit over the bathtub water. The Balloon Racer, small air balloon cars should not be missing in any lively and lively nursery. The toys of Donkey Products arise at eye level with the children, because they are developed for them. But the parents also inspire for the ingenious ideas of the Donkeys, for example for the Summerglobe series. There are fantastic-beautiful robots, astronauts or nutcracker figures with golden snow ball helmets on the head.

Game fun from the role

The Tape Gallery by Donkey Products is a classic example of the ingenuity of the label. There are crepe tapes from the role that can be glued to the bottom of the baby room. The tapes are suitable for all rooms and even outdoors outside. There are several designs, for example for the flight to the space with astronauts and rocket ("My First Space Trip"), as a road with cars and traffic lights ("My First Highway") or as a small garden line with animals from the farm ("My First Farm "). For the little ones there is the tape "My First Train", a railway line with a small locomotive. The beautifully designed adhesive tapes of Tape Gallery are 20 meters long and 5 centimeters wide. The figures are made of cardboard and must be released and put together. The tapes guarantee wonderful game fun, are easy to handle and also removable residue. And the best is: they race the fantasy of the little ones, because it only needs a small impetus.

Gift ideas for every occasion

We from Pippa & Fritz are enthusiastic about the diverse products of the Hamburgers. The toys seem so simple and yet it is clear that the designers have done a lot of thought. Pop-up feather pockets for elementary school, which are designed like starting rockets, funny saddle coatings for the bike in the form of animal faces or a wooden paintboard ("I-Wood"), which looks like a notebook as an eye-catcher in kindergarten. At home at the table it will be more relaxed if the food is served in the different departments of the bamboo plate. There are the plates in a variety of shapes, as elephant, rocket or even as a crispy ice cream on the stalk. So much is clear: The designers of Donkey Products make everyday life of little funny, interesting, adventurous, exciting and imaginative. Who is looking for great birthday presents, will certainly find something here.