Organic Easy-Kneten 4er Set Yuki


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The Easy-Kneten set Yuki from the German brand neo-green consists of a total of four potty with 120g in the colors yellow, green, red and blue.The soft and easy-to-form individual consists of 100% organic ingredients in food quality and is made of water, flour, salt, vegetable oils, vegetable pigments, acid regulators & potassium sorbate.The Bio Kneten is harmless if you accidentally get into the mouth. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for consumption. It does not include artificial substances and allergens and is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, the poten is free of soy, earth and tree nuts, palm oil, milk, fish and eggs. Children can let their creativity run wild and knead the wildest shapes. A great gift.


Marke: Neogrün

Farbe: bunt

Material: natural ingredients

Größe: 14,5 x 14,5 x 5,5 cm

Gewicht: 4 x 120 g

Details: Set of 4, made of natural and renewable raw materials, free of soy, earth and tree nuts, palm oil, milk, fish & eggs, Made in Germany

Altersempfehlung: from 3 years

Zusätzliche Information: Knet hardens the air

Sicherheitshinweis: CAUTION! Children under 3 years should be supervised by adults. Small parts could be swallowed! (Danger of suffocation)

Neogrün from Germany

Discover creativity in your own way

Behind the German brand Neogrün stuck Alexander and Enrico. With her philosophy "sustainable, ecologically, new" they produce innovative natural products such as Kneten and finger colors. You pay attention to the greatest possible sustainability factor in the delivery, production as well as in the application. Neogrün uses only natural and renewable vegetable and bio-certified ingredients, so that their products are 100% biodegradable, vegan and free of pollutants and pesticides. None of their products or their ingredients were tested on animals. In addition to the environmental factor, of course, near the game fun and the development of children is the focus. You want to offer children through their toys the opportunity to discover the world in their own creative way.


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